Beautiful AlishaAlisha Das Hayes, MA, MSS, DSS is honored to facilitate Soul Dance. Soul Dance was born decades ago during a pilgrimage to the far east during which she found herself mysteriously compelled to dance at every holy site. During that trip, her Spiritual Teacher (John-Roger) gave her a technique to consciously soul travel using movement. Ever since, she’s been exploring using movement as a conduit to spiritual awareness. It was part of her Doctoral treatise. She was a professional DJ, trained sound technician, a spiritual facilitator and a devout spiritual devotee-all of which lent themselves to the creation of Soul Dance. She’s been facilitating Soul Dance for 14 years for Prana (PAL&G) as well as at USM in Santa Monica, Insight Transformational Seminars, in preschool and elementary schools, a university, with the elderly and as a part of other PTS workshops and PAL&G events. She has always done Soul Dance as a volunteer as her way to give back. 

I get up,
I walk,
I fall down.
Meanwhile, I keep on dancing