Oh God! Did I love it!! I got hooked up right away. Spirit was so present at this class that I could feel it in my body. All I had to do was show up. Saying thank you seems so little for what I get out of it  and it only gets better and better.
–CBJR, Vocal Artist & Teacher, LA

I was amazed at my experience at Soul Dance!  Within minutes of arriving I felt a welcome sense of freedom and openness. The more I danced, the more I felt powerful vitality, flow, and just plain fun and joy pumping through me.  In fact, I had a palatable sense that my Spirit was dancing me. I was able to move in ways I haven’t for a very long time, if ever! I looked over and noticed my husband enjoying himself to the hilt, too.  The music is awesome and hip, Alisha is an incredibly inspiring DJ and the whole room feels safe and expansive. Soul Dance awakened me and renewed my sense of being a spiritual being in a physical body.
-Phyllis F-M, Author of Astrology’s Keys to Hot Romance and You’re Every Sign!

The earth braces itself for the feet
Of a lover of God about to Dance.
The sky becomes very timid
when a great saint starts waving his arms in joy…
The Beloved has at last
Opened His arms
And is inviting my heart to eternally Dance!

I’m finding creativity and spontaneity flowing out of me while loving the one who dances in my heart.  For the rest of the week, my energy level just shoots through the roof!
–MJM, Professor, Los Angeles

“Better than chocolate, or sex, or runner’s high, Soul Dance is a time when my Spirit soars and I remember that my body is my living temple of delight. Soul Dance is a little taste of bliss!…I could positively taste the abundance of playing in such a sacred and beautiful place… every class brings unexpected healing and heart opening. Alisha’s words woven into the class are inspiring, comforting, and courageous, daring us to wake up once more. I love, love, love Soul Dance and the space to play, laugh and dance with a group of people who have only this in common: coming together to demonstrate living loving as a moving breathing action.”
LP, Vice President of  USM, Los Angeles

“There is so much room in my inner kingdom that I have opened up to as a result of participating in Soul Dance. I am experiencing a releasing of things I was holding on to…this is HUGE…It creates a personal relationship with self that cannot be touched.”
–AL, Office Manager, Los Angeles

Alisha brings a focus of freedom and expansion to “Soul Dance” evenings
 that is both inspiring and inviting to even the most timid of dancers…Her seamless DJ skills, relevant quotes, and uplifting music 
choices add an element of professionalism and purpose that makes these 
evenings not to bemissed. Go, be free!
–KM, Dir. of Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, Los Angeles

The blessings of this class bring tremendous opportunities for me to… consciously be in the loving and vitality of God’s Kingdom. Soul Dance is sacred, exquisite, warm, beautiful, and profoundly moving. The combination of Alisha’s angelic voice and her carefully crafted…music provide a sacredness, which, for me, brings forward a powerful connection to the Christ energy. Here, I feel present and grounded in my innocence and vulnerability…The movement is truly magical and the upliftment and expansion within me is deep and profound. At the end, I feel nourished and replenished having the inner sense that I can continue to Soul Dance in every area of my daily life…
GP, Private Banker, Los Angeles

“Soul dance….is this little magic key that lets me unlock my true, wild, beautiful and uninhibited self.  The music, the quotes, and the freedom I find in communion with this beautiful community gives me a space where I feel free to express myself in any way I choose. The joy that comes with that unlimited unrestricted self expression [is] such a gift! The release and healing I’ve felt have been really wonderful…Spirit’s definitely working with me to let go of ‘stuff’ in these classes – … But more than anything – the main reason I look forward to your classes, Dear Alisha, is I HAVE SO MUCH FUN. They just really put me back in touch with what happiness is…
–ZG, Promotion Genius, Spiritual Warriors  (spiritualwarriors.com) Los Angeles

What I experience in your class is healing manifested as greater freedom, connection with my inner child, playfulness, cheerfulness, letting go of negativity…A really great work out but with a lot of fun. It’s a very subtle way of therapy!
–LR, Los Angeles

I have been so eager to get back to one of your sessions and I just can’t stop talking about the last one. Actually, I was gushing about it to my 5-yr old niece and sister-in-love a few weeks ago. Well, yesterday I called my niece to ask her how was her 1st day of kindergarten and instead of answering my question she asked me “Did you dance with God again?”
 …Truly, the unique spirit that dances through your class continues to move, inspire and elevate us to the highest level.  I cannot wait to do it again!!

–EA, Los Angeles

I just wanted to say thanks for Soul Dance last night; I rushed off at the end for a shower because I was dripping with sweat! It was such an awesome work out aside from the spiritual blessings and opportunities present!…Looking forward to the next one!
–NT, Australia